History's Mysteries (10 x 50 min)

From the maker of “Many Voices, One World”: In coproduction with TLC/Discovery Channel, WDR/ARD (Germany), Dutch and Belgian TV: An exciting new series of documentaries featuring history’s great mysteries..

Strange sects, astronomical precision beyond present-day comprehension. What really happened to the Holy Grail? Noah’s Ark? What are the latest findings concerning Pyramids and Sphinx or the Nazca lines of Peru? Best-selling authors and investigators of world renown unravel the realities which lie behind the legends. The mystery is the core, their obsession is the story.. “History’s Mysteries” is an exciting new journalistic look at age-old myths and mysteries which spark the imagination today as never before.

Producer/Director Roel Oostra

.. The Mystery of the Lamb of God ..

75 years ago part of the “Lamb of God”, one of mankind’s greatest and most mysterious works of art, vanished without trace.. The panel, said to hold the secret where the Holy Grail lies hidden, was coveted by many, including Hitler’s SS. The quest for the stolen mysterious masterpiece continues unabated – up until today..

.. The Shroud ..

An ingenious fraud from the Middle Ages as carbon dating proved “beyond doubt”? Or authentic after all.. The Question arises whether carbon dating works on linen at all. As British author Ian Wilson traces its history to the time of Christ he places the Shroud back in the realm of mystery…

.. Pathways to the Gods ..

Over a surface of 5000 square miles, the south Peruvian desert is covered with huge animal drawings and lines.. The­ories of their origin are many. Made to be seen from the sky only, how were they made and why..? Author Tony Morrison pays homage to the late Maria Reiche, keeper of the Nasca lines until her death at 95…

.. Compostella.. The Next Step ..

What Mecca is for Muslims, Santiago de Compostella was for medieval Christians. At a time when pilgrimage is out of date and interest for Rome, Lourdes or Jerusalem is waning, millions take the road again to Compostella.. The mysterious and spectacular revival of an ancient pilgrimage. 

.. The Dead Sea Scrolls ..

Half a century after they were discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls are now open to science. They unveil the apocalyptic context from which Christianity sprang. Did the apostle Paul go against the earliest followers of Jesus to lay down a false foundation for the church of Rome thereafter..?

.. Genesis in Stone ..

The Giza Pyramids are the last remaining wonder of the Ancient World and continue to be its greatest enigma.. Authors Bauval and Hancock combine for a groundbreaking quest: Their exciting new insights are now about to change our perception of ancient Egypt and the civilisation of mankind.

Award winner at the Netherlands Film Festival and the New York Film Festival.

.. The Castle of the Grail..

Montségur, high in the French Pyrenees, once was the last stronghold of mysterious rivals to the Church of Rome.. German nazi’s searched the ruins for the Holy Grail believing age-old rumours that it once held this priceless treasure.. Now ancient gnosticism seems to revive here..

.. Quest for Noah’s Ark ..

In the Ararat mountains a puzzling shape has emerged of what might be a huge fossilized ship: Noah’s Ark? Next to the Bible hundreds of other myths allude to a worldwide disaster virtually wiping out mankind… Was there something like a “Flood”..? Was Noah only one of many captains of survival rafts?

.. The Golem ..

The greatest of Jewish myths.. On man’s desire to create, shape life and imitate the act of God.. American author Chaim Potok and the shaping of artificial life; from Golem of Prague to Monster of Frankenstein and technical achievements of today.. For these are days of golems..

.. Quest for the Lost Ark ..

The lost Ark of the Covenant with the Ten Commandments.. Focus of worship in the early Judaic relig­ion; its disa­ppearance without trace is the greatest riddle of the Bible. Author Graham Hancock sets out on a quest through history and traces the Ark to Ethiopia’s most holy city..

CRIME on the high SEAS (2 x 52 min)

Eighty percent of the world’s surface is covered by oceans. Eighty percent of the world is virtually out of bounds of law.. Where a plane hijack triggers swift international action, the disappearance of a ship goes virtually unnoticed..

At the beginning of the new millennium, pirates cast a shadow of fear and misery over today’s seafarers.. With a staggering increase of 30% over the previous year, piracy is now worse than ever before.. Every year 30 billion dollars and numerous lives are lost in maritime fraud and crimes on the high seas.. But hardly anyone notices. And no one is doing anything about it.

On eighty percent of the world’s surface there is no law enforcement. Anyone who sails the high seas is unprotected.. This series presents the dark side of the seas..

Eric Ellen – once chief constable of the Port of London, then “super sleuth” for the International Chamber of Commerce and Lloyds insurers – has dedicated his life to the protection of the unprotectable. From their London office, Ellen and his successors, led by Indian captain Mukundan now operate the International Maritime Bureau, the only organisation in the world to systematically fight crime on the high seas.

Virtually unknown to the public at large, crime rages in the lawless expanse of the world’s oceans: Pirates steal and kill, “respectable citizens” play fraudulent games with ship’s papers. Freighters become phantom ships, changing identity and stealing cargoes, or are scuttled to claim massive insurance sums. National and international authorities are unable, or – all too often – unwilling to take action.. “Crime on the High Seas” is two fast paced, exiting hours of television, featuring the work of Eric Ellen and the International Maritime Bureau. In every episode different aspects of maritime crime are analysed in spectacular case studies that are logically interwoven. By following the actions of the IMB and recreating some of the most prolific cases in the history of modern maritime crime, the fascinating story will be told of Crime on the High Seas, and the sinister side of life at sea…

.. Fraud ..

Fraud is undermining maritime trade today. No one knows the full extent of the problem.. And no one seems to care. For its very internationality is both the strength and the weakness of the maritime industry. There are no international bodies that can act, and national governments are only quick to pass the bucket. “Super-sleuth of the seas” Eric Ellen: ..”The term for it is ‘Beyond our jurisdiction’.. It didn’t happen in our backyard, it happened in somebody else’s backyard.. The High Seas are one huge ‘beyond jurisdiction’..”

.. Pirates ..

At the beginning of the new millennium, pirates cast a shadow of fear and misery over today’s seafarers.. With a staggering increase of 30% over the previous year, piracy is now worse than ever before.. In 1999 320 merchant ships were attacked – mainly in the waters of S.E.-Asia… This past year pirates attacked hundreds of large ships.. Next year may break this “all time high” in piracy – Again. And this is only the tip of an iceberg. No one knows how many smaller vessels – yaughts and fishermen’s ships – fall prey to pirates, but they must run over a thousand .. or thousands .. each year. Yet, very few people know about this.. And even less seem to care. Authorities prefer to look the other way. And governments only react when they’re stung into action.

Many Voices, One World (200 x 5/7 min)

200 short stories (5 – 7 min.) by master storytellers from around the world with an introduction program (27 min.) hosted by Peter Ustinov.

Though nearly extinct in many cultures, storytelling is the oldest art of mankind.. Nothing is comparable to the spellbinding contact which the masters of this ancient oral tradition could make with their audience.

Many Voices, One World is a wonderful panoramic journey through the world of storytelling. In each of the short programs, a story is told to a small group of people. The settings – a living room, a market square or pub – lend an everyday intimacy to the proceedings. Consequently, the viewer inevitably falls under the spell of the storyteller. Storytelling knows no boundaries and Many Voices, One World features stories from around the world. We’re treated to the legends, parables, epics, and burlesques of master storytellers from across the five continents. Peter Ustinov welcomes us to the world of storytelling in a 30’ introductory program.

Warmly received

Many Voices, One World was co-produced with UNESCO (a.o.) and has been broadcast and warmly received in Japan, Russia, Canada, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Turkey, Spain, India, Serbia along with many other countries.


Ben Haggerty – England 

Jim Alden – England 

Manfei Obin – Ivory Coast 

Mohammed Ben-Halfaoui – Morocco 

Abbi Patrix – France 

Sherif Tashliova – Turkey 

Verney February – S.Africa 

Eamon Kelly – Ireland 

Mirza Halbetov – Uzbekistan 

Ahmed Ragai – Egypt

Garzón Cespedes – Cuba 

Frederik – Holland 

Alexander Parker – Jamaica 

Rara Rumiati – Indonesia 

Sumarto Timur – Indonesia 

Henri Gougeaud – France 

Nilwan Subihati – Indonesia 

Sitigi Kouyaté – Bourkina Fasso 

Stanley Robertson – Scotland 

Gilbert Massala – Congo

Alexander Bremont – Domenica 

John Campbell – N.Ireland 

Luis Landriscina – Argentina 

Ezzed Alem – Egypt 

Eamon McThomais – Ireland 

Twins Olunyani – Nigeria 

Idunn Steinsdottir – Iceland 

Doc MacConnell – USA 

Carlos Lopéz – Mexico 

Dewi Rai Mesi – Indonesia

Eraclio Zepeda – Mexico 

Jude le Paboul – France 

Jan Blake – Jamaica 

Anna Kashunina – Russia 

Nilwa Subuhati – Indonesia 

Sean O’Heiniri – Ireland 

Asiedu Yirenkyi – Ghana 

Raja Awashti – India 

Robin Williamson – England 

Jannick Jaulin – France

Mangku Lenggeng – Indonesia 

Abdul el-Madili – Morocco 

Duncan Williamson – Scotland 

Tuktamurat Azizov – Uzbekistan

Vilborg Dagbjartsdottir – Iceland 

Gregorio Manzur – Argentina 

I Wayan Ranu – Indonesia 

Ahmed Ezzarghoui – Morocco 

Mimi Barthelémy – Haïti 

Ganpatlal Dangi – India

Mohammed Aghaghay – Morocco

Brother Blue – USA 

Ida Bagus Mayun – Indonesia 

Lucien Gourong – France 

Jackie Torrence – USA 

Doc Shields – England 

Irma García – Mexico 

Elisabeth Padden – Ireland 

Sukanto – Indonesia 

Raja Awashti – India

Tunjay Tanbogha – Turkey 

Tuktamurat Aziziv – Uzbekistan

Devta Din – India

Bruno de la Salle – France 

I Made Taro – Indonesia 

Peter Ustinov – England 

Samsul Arifin – Indonesia 

Muatid Billah – Morocco 

Omar alacios – Argentina 

Alain Poulain – France

Paul Keens- Douglas – Trinidad 

Thordar Haldarsson – Iceland 

Shahryar Mirza – India 

Ben Zimet – France 

Willie MacFee – Ireland 

Yvon Audouar – France 

Scosamh MacEachmhar – Ireland 

Nick Leslie – South Africa 

Godfrey Duncan – Guyana 

Behlül Gürbüz – Turkey