.. Pirates ..

At the beginning of the new millennium, pirates cast a shadow of fear and misery over today’s seafarers.. With a staggering increase of 30% over the previous year, piracy is now worse than ever before.. In 1999 320 merchant ships were attacked – mainly in the waters of S.E.-Asia… This past year pirates attacked hundreds of large […]

.. Fraud ..

Fraud is undermining maritime trade today. No one knows the full extent of the problem.. And no one seems to care. For its very internationality is both the strength and the weakness of the maritime industry. There are no international bodies that can act, and national governments are only quick to pass the bucket. “Super-sleuth […]

.. Quest for the Lost Ark ..

The lost Ark of the Covenant with the Ten Commandments.. Focus of worship in the early Judaic relig­ion; its disa­ppearance without trace is the greatest riddle of the Bible. Author Graham Hancock sets out on a quest through history and traces the Ark to Ethiopia’s most holy city..

.. The Golem .. 

The greatest of Jewish myths.. On man’s desire to create, shape life and imitate the act of God.. American author Chaim Potok and the shaping of artificial life; from Golem of Prague to Monster of Frankenstein and technical achievements of today.. For these are days of golems..

.. Quest for Noah’s Ark ..

In the Ararat mountains a puzzling shape has emerged of what might be a huge fossilized ship: Noah’s Ark? Next to the Bible hundreds of other myths allude to a worldwide disaster virtually wiping out mankind… Was there something like a “Flood”..? Was Noah only one of many captains of survival rafts?

.. The Castle of the Grail..

Montségur, high in the French Pyrenees, once was the last stronghold of mysterious rivals to the Church of Rome.. German nazi’s searched the ruins for the Holy Grail believing age-old rumours that it once held this priceless treasure.. Now ancient gnosticism seems to revive here..

.. Genesis in Stone ..

The Giza Pyramids are the last remaining wonder of the Ancient World and continue to be its greatest enigma.. Authors Bauval and Hancock combine for a groundbreaking quest: Their exciting new insights are now about to change our perception of ancient Egypt and the civilisation of mankind.

.. The Dead Sea Scrolls ..

Half a century after they were discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls are now open to science. They unveil the apocalyptic context from which Christianity sprang. Did the apostle Paul go against the earliest followers of Jesus to lay down a false foundation for the church of Rome thereafter..?

.. Compostella.. The Next Step ..

What Mecca is for Muslims, Santiago de Compostella was for medieval Christians. At a time when pilgrimage is out of date and interest for Rome, Lourdes or Jerusalem is waning, millions take the road again to Compostella.. The mysterious and spectacular revival of an ancient pilgrimage. 

.. Pathways to the Gods ..

Over a surface of 5000 square miles, the south Peruvian desert is covered with huge animal drawings and lines.. The­ories of their origin are many. Made to be seen from the sky only, how were they made and why..? Author Tony Morrison pays homage to the late Maria Reiche, keeper of the Nasca lines until […]