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Roel OOSTRA Leeuwarden (NL), 1946 MO-1 History, MO-A English (Educational BA's)
1970 - 1975 Editor Foreign Affairs Dept. of Amsterdam daily "Het Parool"
1973 - 1975 Editor/Presenter of current affairs weekly progr. NOS/Educational TV/
1975 - 1987 Director-editor and presenter of current affairs weekly "Here and Now" NCRV/Holland specialist on international affairs. Produced over 100 reports and 20 documentaries
1988 - 1990 Director Stichting Vluchteling/The Hague - Int. Aid to Refugees, aff. with UNHCR/Geneva
1990 - present Director Cresset Consultants Ltd. - audiovisual consultancy
  Director Cresset Communications Ltd. - Television production company
  Director "Imago Historica" Foundation
producer/director of: "Many Voices, One World" - 200x6min. series on storytelling worldwide.(1990 - 1994)
  "Traces" - 7x28min. series on masters of Jewish art. (1991)
  "History's Mysteries" 13x45min./13x52min series on historical mysteries and enigma's (1994 - 1998)
  "Sinister Seas" 2x52min. mini-series on piracy, crime and fraud on the high seas
  "Myths of Mankind" 15x52min. - series on mankinds myths and mysticisms. (2000 - 2008)
  Several separate 52-min. documentaries produced for the international market. a.o..
  . "Peace with Pain" (1991). Killing Fields hero Dith Pran's return to Cambodia in the wake of Pol Pot
  . "The Return" (1992), following Eritrean and Ethiopian refugees on their return after war.
  . "A Boy's Dream gone Haywire" (1993), the building of a replica of historical VOC-ship "Batavia"
  . "Apr├Ęs nous le Deluge" (1994), Dutch painter Rob Scholte creating the mural of the century in Japan
  . "Batavia- The second Maiden Voyage" (2001), VOC-merchantsman sails back to Australia where it sank 375 years ago.
  . "Clipper Stad Amsterdam" (2001), the rebirth of a historical clipper.
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